~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

Do I need experience? - Some type of dance experience is always helpful but not necessary. We specialize in helping beginners have fun while learning the basics.

Do I need a partner? - No partner required. We rotate partners throughout the class so all the leaders can dance with all the followers.  

P.S. if you bring a partner, please be prepared to switch.

Do I need special shoes? - Anything with a flat or smooth sole will work.  Once you reach level 2 or higher, professional quality dance shoes are recommended.

I've been dancing Salsa my whole life.. why do I need classes? That's awesome,  it means you have natural rhythm.  If you have never taken a structured class in modern salsa style, you may need to work on technique in a few areas in order to lead or follow anyone on the dance floor.  You will always be able to incorporate your  natural style to the new style and look great doing so.

How long before I can go out dancing?  You don't have to be a master to get on the dance floor. The amount of time really varies from person to person.  How quickly you learn, how much time you practice and your self-confidence really can make all the difference.  

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